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Tesla introduces more realistic range estimates for Model Y, S, and X vehicles

Your mileage may vary
What just happened? If there's one thing electric vehicle companies are known for, it's exaggerating the official ranges of their EVs. This is something that Tesla has been accused of doing on several occasions – and Musk's company is believed to be the worst offender of the bunch – this may explain why the automaker recently lowered the range estimates for several models in the US.
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Microsoft is adding a dedicated Copilot key to Windows keyboards

Microsoft really, really wants you to use its generative AI
What just happened? Are you sick of hearing about AI? Microsoft doesn't care, and to make sure you really appreciate just how great the technology is, it's adding a dedicated Copilot key to Windows keyboards. The change will mark the first time the standard Windows keyboard layout has seen a big alteration since the Windows key appeared in 1994.