“Since I Been Down” – A Documentary By Gilda Sheppard

Fabian’s Fund is assisting with production and fundraising for the documentary Since I Been Down, directed by Gilda Sheppard. The film is being fiscally sponsored by the Northwest Film Forum.

Since I Been Down explores the complicated balance and tensions between violent crime, punishment, justice, activism, and compassion. The documentary invites viewers to take an in-depth look at incarcerated men and women, in order to better understand processes of their transformations and their ultimate role, as models for all of us on being human.

The documentary follows men and women in Washington State prisons, incarcerated between 13 and 25 years of age for violent crimes, and who are remarkably turning their lives around and creating social justice programs from within prison in spite of the controls of public life.

The Trailer

A clip from the film can be viewed here: www.jimmielewisproductions.com.

If you would donate to the film’s production, please send a check made out to NORTHWEST FILM FORUM to:

Prison Education LLC
c/o Gilda Sheppard
615 Boren Ave. #7
Seattle, WA 98104

For more information, contact Gilda Sheppard at gildasheppard@gmail.com.