The Work

We are focused on supporting the sustainability of healthy, vibrant, thriving black and brown communities. A number of political, social and economic forces like mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, the reentry process, and gentrification are having a disproportionate and dramatic destructive impact on the social and economic ecology of these communities. We believe that the liberation of these communities is fundamental to the health of the country.

How We’re Doing It

Fabian’s Fund connects resources to the already established groups doing “The Work”. This fund will empower Education to prisoners (Liberation Education) and projects promoting Liberation Education.

Liberation Education

Partnering with the Black Prisoner Caucus’ T.E.A.C.H. (Taking Education and Creating History) through sponsorship, funding higher education, and teaching alongside imprisoned men.

Fabian’s Fund

We gather resources now to support Education in prison and the production of the film Since I Been Down.

Liberation Productions

Co-produced the film, Since I Been Down. The film chronicles strategies of liberation including education.