In a nutshell: Frore Systems has hit the Las Vegas strip with a thinner and lighter version of its AirJet Mini cooling system. The newly minted AirJet Mini Slim builds on the success of the original, which earned a Golden Award at Computex 2023 and a Best of Innovation award at this year's consumer electronic show. The new cooler utilizes the same basic design as its predecessor albeit with three new features.

The AirJet Mini Slim measures just 2.5 mm thin and weighs eight grams, making it 0.3 mm thinner and one gram lighter than before, while otherwise maintaining its same footprint of 27.5 mm x 41.5 mm. The slightly slimmer profile will allow manufacturers to fit it into even tighter spaces in products such as tablets, fanless laptops, and handheld gaming devices.

Frore's new cooler additionally includes a self-cleaning feature to tackle dust, which can lead to operational risks and reduced performance in electronics when neglected. AirJet Mini Slim can reverse its airflow, which the company claims can clear out any accumulated dust from the system's filters.

The new cooler is also able to sense its own temperature through a process known as thermoception. As such, it can optimize its performance autonomously to maximize heat dissipation without thermal sensors in the host device.

Frore Systems highlighted the fact that its AirJet Mini Slim is scalable, meaning one can simply add more units to a product to enhance cooling. A single unit is capable of removing 5.25 watts of heat at 21 dBA, and generates 1,750 pascals of back pressure while consuming just one watt of power.

Frore Systems cites a number of potential use cases for its innovative cooling technology. In addition to traditional and mobile PCs, its products could help cool 3D printers, augmented and virtual reality devices, professional video cameras, mini LED projectors, and 8K televisions.

No word yet on when Frore will have its AirJet Mini Slim system ready to go, or which devices will be the first to feature its new cooling solution.